La 3B à la découverte du Pop Art.

mardi 18 décembre 2018, par MARTINEZ

3B. Our Pop Art project - Nuestro Proyecto Pop Art


On Thursday December 13th, 2018, with our Spanish and English teachers, we went to Le MAC ( Le Musée d’Art Contemporain ) Marseille, to discover some genuine pieces of art made by famous Pop artists.

In class, during the English courses, for two weeks we had worked on some of Andy Warhol’s series, on Roy Lichtenstein’s artwork, on Wolf Vostell’s B52 and on other creations dating back from the 50’s and from the 60’s.

Fue con un gran placer que fuimos al MAC con la profesora de Inglés, Señora Martinez, el 29 de Noviembre de 2018. Esta visita nos permitió ver en clase que el Pop Art se exportó también a España y que dejó una huella importante gracias a las creaciones del colectivo valenciano « Equipo Crónica » a lo largo de los años 70. Volver a reflexionar sobre esta época, nos permite mezclar Arte e Historia. Como tarea, los alumnos de 3B tienen que analizar para el més de Enero, un cuadro llamado « La Salita ». İ Suerte a todos !

Most of us ( 3B being composed of 25 students ) had already entered a museum, but just a few of us had already visited a contemporary art museum. So it was an amazing, not to say surprising, moment.

We were guided by Frédérique and Francis, two art specialists working at le MAC Marseille.

When we came back home, we had to produce our own creation, in the manner of the Pop artists. We had to think of a social or environmental message linked to our times but also connected to consumerism, if possible.

Later on, we had to present, in English, our creations to our schoolmates who played the part of curators. We had to describe our own piece of art and to explain which real artwork and artist had mainly influenced us.

At the end, a vote was organized to select the best Pop artists in our group of 25.


Written by Mrs Marquette and Martinez. 13.12.18.



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